Meet Our Awesome NEW Sales Representatives!

By +Austin Hai 

Here at UsedGymEquipment.com, we love to serve your needs, lower your costs, and help your business flourish. We stand by the proud fact that we have the best used gym equipment in the world, precision remanufactured to be as good as new, at a mere fraction of the original cost. 

Because we offer the best products at the best prices, our business is growing by leaps and bounds. We have so much demand that we've hired 3 NEW SALES REPRESENTATIVES.

It's my pleasure to introduce our amazing NEW Sales Representatives, who work tirelessly to serve you, our valued customers. They come from a variety of backgrounds  and interests -- but they share one key desire: They want to help you get the best used gym equipment at the lowest possible prices. 


Originally from Michigan, Carl ran track and field and played football for the prestigious University of Michigan. After graduating, Carl elected to serve his country by enlisting in the US Navy and working in Intelligence. During his five years of deployment, Carl engaged in extreme fitness routines by working out regularly with Navy SEAL Team members. He wants to apply his love of fitness to serving all his customers here at UsedGymEquipment.com.


Cleveland, Ohio native Jason E. Crenshaw obtained a BA in Music Theory from Berklee College of Music. With over six years of management and sales training with companies like Verizon and T-Mobile, Jason prides himself on helping people realize their potential and reach their life dreams! Leadership, professionalism, integrity, honesty, top-notch people skills, and excellent time management skills make Jason an excellent addition to the UsedGymEquipment.com team.


Randall Albania was born and raised right here in Los Angeles, while his family hails from the Philippines. He attended Glendale High School, then Glendale Community College. Randall has had a lifelong passion for fitness and sales. He worked as Sales Manager at Gold’s Gym in Redondo Beach, as well as a Real Estate Agent for Century 21 Midtown Realty. But then Randall realized he wanted to merge his two passions into a stellar career in sales and fitness. That’s why he came here, to UsedGymEquipment.com, where he works tirelessly to serve your needs by getting you the lowest possible prices on the very best gym equipment.

Please, give us a call and talk to Carl, Jason, or Randall -- they're thrilled to help you with all your business needs.

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