By +Austin Hai 

It's a great day here at UsedGymEquipment.com, where we're excited to announced a newly remanufactured CYBEX VR2 GYM PACKAGE. This beautiful circuit features sleek, flat-black powder-coated frames and a rich dark blue upholstery stitched by hand.

Why should you buy Cybex VR2 gym equipment from us? Because we remanufacture it to be as good as new -- but sell it to you at a mere fraction of the cost. 

When you're opening up a gym, the biggest challenge you face it keeping your overhead low. You have sales and training staff to pay, a lease on a huge gym space, maintenance fees, insurance and licensing, marketing costs, and utility bills, just to name a few. 

And that's not including the massive investment you have to make to actually outfit your gym with gym equipment. 

If you buy new gym equipment, you're talking about several hundred thousand dollars in overhead, before you even open your gym! You'll probably end up spending a quarter of a million dollars before you even make a single penny off your new business. 

But not if you come to UsedGymEquipment.com and let us save you money! For the insanely low price of $90,000, this Cybex VR2 gym equipment package can be yours -- and you can outfit your entire gym! You'll get a full 14-piece strength circuit of like new machines; 14 state-of-the-art and completely remanufactured Life Fitness cardio machines; a full set of benches and racks; and free weights, dumbbells, and plates. 

That's right: You can setup your entire gym with the best equipment money can buy -- all for only $90,000! 

Don't believe that you'll get the best quality gym equipment? We can prove you will. Checkout our entire remanufacturing process, right here: 

But don't take our word for it -- checkout some of our HAPPY CUSTOMERS

Want to see our 130,000 square foot precision remanufacturing facility?

We love to serve our customers and lower your costs. We want you to be successful -- because when you're successful, we're successful. 

UsedGymEquipment.com: It's our business to save your business money. 

Bio: Hello. I'm Austin Hai, President of UsedGymEquipment.com. Thank you for giving the Used Gym Equipment factory the opportunity to save you money. In order to serve you better, please join our social media community.


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