Hot new CANDY-APPLE RED Nautilus NITRO Equipment

By +Austin Hai

Things are heating up here at the Used Gym Equipment factory, because we just finished remanufacturing our first Nautilus Nitro circuit in the hottest new color: Candy-apple red. This beautiful, rich tone was all the rage at last year’s IHRSA, so we knew we just had to get our hands on it to supply to you, our loyal customers.

We went to our professional, premium paint manufacturer and had him painstakingly sample and customize the best color on the market. Then, we had our machines powder-coated to perfection in the candy-apple red design. It was the first circuit we’d ever done, so we were nervous about the results. But now, we couldn’t be happier. Powder-coated on the equipment, the color looks better than we could’ve ever imagined!

It’s so good, in fact, that we can’t wait to start shipping more of the hot new candy-apple red equipment to you. Put these beauties in your gym and the members will be amazed at the lustrous shine and flawless sheen. With the hottest new color on display -- you’ll have the hottest gym in town.

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