Life Fitness INTEGRITY Cardio BLOWOUT.

The Used Gym Equipment Factory in Carson, California is an exciting place to be if you love the Gym industry.  Our professional sales reps have a hard time going home at night thanks to all the fast action going on all day.

Like this deal we just put together and sent out as an email blast blowout to all of our wonderful customers. We got the opportunity to purchase 54 machines of Life Fitness Integrity series cardio.   This is the newer version Life Fitness cardio series and very hard to find in used condition.   Our President, Austin Hai, negotiated the purchase and called in the truck to do the extraction from the Health Club.

Then, as fast as you can say Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 54 cardio machines arrive at our factory shipping doc.  The sales team gets excited and the rush is on to notify our clients of this special inventory for sale.  This is how fast things move around here and it keeps us all on our toes -- never a dull moment.

Next, the cardio goes through our inspection process and gets certified to be sold in used condition.  What this means is the quality of this newer model cardio came to us is such good condition, we do not need to do a complete remanufacturing on this package.

Then this information gets sent over to our "CONTENT MANAGER" who prepares the email marketing material, Twitter tweet and Facebook post.  BAM -- the whole World knows about this special cardio BLOWOUT.

Make sure you sign your email into our opt-in email group and our Twitter feed.  So you don't miss out on any deals.

Thank you for your attention.

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