#86 Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills In Stock

The Used Gym Equipment Company has spent years getting to know the Bankers and Financial institutions who provide financing to the Health Club Industry.   We knew the Big-Bank money suppliers to our industry would be the best source to get BANK-REPO gym equipment when the fitness centers started going under.

This year our hard efforts have really paid off.  Right now we have #86 Life Fitness 95Ti treadmills in-stock to sell to our customers.  In fact it makes no sense to buy this popular model brand new anymore.

The Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill has been a proven winner for the last couple of years.  The design and reliability make this a great work-horse inside any professional fitness center.  

The 95Ti treadmill has a powerful 4 horse AC drive motor- that is high torque.  This treadmill goes up to 12 miles per hour which is faster than most human beings can run when someone is pointing a gun at them.  The incline or hill profile elevation is 15% which is steep.   The running surface size is 60 inches long x 20 inches wide.  The maximum user body-weight is a full 400lbs which means most humans qualify.   And yes it features the contact heart rate and polar telemetry heart rate feedback.

It's not good news that we got our #86, 95Ti treadmills from 9 separate fitness centers that failed.  But it is good news that if you buy this treadmill remanufactured and save many thousands of dollars.  Then you will not be a Bank-Repo-Victim because you ran out of money before you could build up your membership revenues high enough to cover your monthly overhead.

We see it all the time.  Gym owners go out of business not because they don't know Fitness.   But because they spend too much money on buying brand new gym equipment and they can't keep up with the monthly payments.   Don't let this happen to you.

Your customers don't know the difference of a treadmill made yesterday or 3 years ago.   And they don't care.  They just want a top of the line treadmill to workout on every time they enter your workout facility.


Treadmill said...

Great collection of treadmill. I like all treadmill.

jamie said...

Are Life Fitness treadmills from the same company as LifeSpan Treadmills?