The Game Begins When the Doors Open.

Steve Paterson and Austin Hai have merged into, The Used Gym Equipment Company, as a California Corporation.

"The most important thing we do is lower
our customers operating expenses;"
explains Austin Hai, President.

Austin brings the FUTURE to our client base. Born and raised in England. Graduated from the University of Arizona and learned his business building skills in New York City.  Austin sees the World as one big customer and wants to help as many Fitness Business Entrepreneurs stay profitable for many years to come.

"Our biggest strength is providing depreciated assets to our customer base and helping our clients safely lower their overhead;" notes Austin.

Your fitness equipment is just something you have to have inside a gym business. But your success as a gym business operator comes from watching the bottom-line and staying ahead of your local competition. Every fitness business has treadmills and elliptical machines. The issue is how much operating capital does the business operator have left over after they buy their gym equipment.

The real game starts after the gym equipment gets installed
and the front doors open and the business begins.

How many customers come through the doors and turn over their hard earned money is the key to success. We keep our customers focused on the big picture.

Save money buying your gym equipment and put your savings into your marketing and advertising budget to buy more customers.


Austin Hai and Steve Paterson

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